Natural Capital Management Systems

           - Going Beyond Accounting to Action-Oriented Management

What is natural capital?

Natural capital refers to the goods and services provided by nature. Clean water and timber are examples of goods; services include erosion control, carbon sequestration, and water and air purification. Just like economic capital, natural capital has value, and its depletion comes at a cost.

Why manage natural capital?

Natural capital is inherently renewable in a well-balanced ecosystem, but humans have historically treated nature as an infinite resource. Proper management of natural capital ensures that these goods and services are utilized sustainably, for today and the future.

White Paper: Managing Natural Capital Assets


The Climate Earth Solution


Natural capital is the underpinning of modern society. Some companies have started to employ natural capital accounting in a business context to gain insight into their environmental impacts normalized to a common monetary unit. Climate Earth’s Natural Capital Management Systems (NCMS) helps companies go beyond accounting to action-oriented management.

White Paper: Climate Earth NCMS Methodology



Shared Visibility


Create opportunity with shared visibility into the hidden costs in your supply chain.  Your Natural Capital Management System provides data-driven visibility into the hidden costs of your supply chain and operations. This visibility can be shared with various suppliers and customers and serve as a framework for collaboration.





Gain further insights into your own business.  Which is a larger issue for your company, water use or land use? And which part of your business should you be paying attention to? In your NCMS dashboard, multiple impacts such as water and forest land use are converted into dollars for easy comparison. We preserve the detail and integrity of the source data you provide, so you can view your natural capital costs by account, profit center, department, or any other business dimension. This allows you to view the results in the language of your business and gain valuable insight into your dependence on natural capital.



Translate your insight into action.  Visibility and insight are important, but the real value lies in the actions that result .  A real understanding of natural capital costs in your own business terms provides an opportunity to manage them effectively. Are there hidden natural capital dependencies embedded in non-essential areas of your business? Is there an opportunity to engage your vendors in a supplier survey to refine the results? Interactive NCMS dashboards give you a chance to take control of your natural capital costs.


Getting Started

Get quantified measurable feedback on action taken.  As you begin to take action, results are integrated into your NCMS dashboard. Feedback is essential for effective management of your natural capital costs. Natural capital accounting is still an emerging concept, and Climate Earth is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of this innovative field. Our research team is constantly looking for ways to improve the methodology, while our client services team can help manage supplier surveys to provide additional data for model refinement.

More information:

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From the article: “This more comprehensive picture of the business realities is contingent upon introduction of new metrics of how mutually dependent business, built infrastructure and natural systems are functioning today and in the future. Once the analytical approaches are developed in the coming years, this work may well become the norm for business.”

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This report looks at the business imperative of accounting for and safeguarding the value of Earth’s natural assets.

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Managing Natural Capital Assets

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