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New Partnership Addresses Climate Risk in Supply Chain

Climate Earth, Four Twenty Seven, and Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index join forces to provide innovative supply chain climate risk management application

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More companies face climate-related risks to supply chains

"So what does pragmatism look like when it comes to assessing climate risk? When it comes to value chains, for example — which often comprise thousands of suppliers across the globe -— how do companies know whether their suppliers are in locations at especially high risk?"

Managing Natural Capital Assets: White Paper and Climate Earth NCMS Product Brief

Business leaders are recognizing that natural resources (water, land, forests, air, etc.) are strategic assets that must be managed like any other critical asset. This paper describes the unanswered questions leading to this conclusion and characterizes the important distinction between accounting for natural capital and systems for managing natural capital. This paper provides an overview of Climate Earth’s Natural Capital Management System (NCMS).

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Managing Natural Capital Assets

A Climate Earth white paper and product brief.

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