Stoneway Concrete Implements EPD On-Demand

Partners with Climate Earth to generate environmental product declarations instantly for any mix

Recognizing the growth in the green building market and to further strengthen the company commitment to environmental stewardship, Stoneway Concrete is the first producer in  the Northwest to implement Climate Earth’s EPD generator.  The system offers the capability to log on to a secure website and instantly generate an environmental product declaration (EPD) for any new or existing mix. stoneway-uiClimate Earth implemented software technology that enables the ‘on-demand’ generation of a verified EPD for any mix. The system was verified under the Earthsure program at the Institute for Environmental Research and Education (IERE).  In addition to maximizing LEED points for green building projects, the technology enables Stoneway to collaborate with customers to design new mixes simultaneously evaluating environmental performance and traditional performance characteristics such as compressive strength and slump.

EPDs are posted on the IERE site:

Commenting on the technology, Greg McKinnon, Operations Manager at Stoneway stated, “Implementing EPD automation technology is very cost effective and consistent with our long stated objective of providing our customers with the best possible mix designs for any job while always considering the environmental performance of our products.  This on-demand software based approach to EPDs from Climate Earth also ensures that our environmental measures and our EPDs will always be current and up to date.  As we implement new processes, and incorporate new materials, the environmental improvements will be captured in the Climate Earth database and reflected in our EPDs.”

“Our strategic focus is to lower the cost of EPDs and help make the growing demand for product transparency easy for our customers to achieve.  Working with leading organizations like Stoneway is a big step forward in achieving these two objectives” said Chris Erickson, CEO of Climate Earth.

About Stoneway:  Stoneway Concrete is a locally owned supplier of ready mix concrete, sand & gravel located in the Seattle, Washington area.  The company has been in business since 1928. For more information contact Greg McKinnon, Operations Manager at (425) 226-1000 or at

About IERE: IERE (the Institute for Environmental Research and Education) is a non-profit with a mission to undertake and disseminate comprehensive, fact-based research for use in the development of responsible environmental policy, programs and decisions. Through its Earthsure program, IERE was the first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Program Operator in the Americas and it remains the only environmental non-governmental organization that is a program operator.

More information is available at

About Climate Earth: Climate Earth combines software and big data analytics with the science of life cycle assessment, to create cost effective solutions to help manage environmental impacts. Applications focus on the supply chain and product portfolio. EPD Enterprise, our scalable, on-demand EPD generator is available with a setup fee and a subscription service.

For more information: Contact Chris Erickson at, call 415-391-2725 or go to