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Sustainable Supply Chain Management- System and Methodology Overview


Climate Earth introduced its first system for sustainable supply chain management in 2009. The system was used successfully in the 2011 Road-Test of the Value Chain Protocol[i] and has been evolving ever since.  This paper describes our current methodology and system.   Guiding principles for the methodology center around proven business process management techniques and effective support for the business goals of the Value Chain Protocol. The protocol defines those goals to be:

  • Identify and understand risks and opportunities associated with value chain emissions (Understand)
  • Identify GHG reduction opportunities, set reduction targets, and track performance (Target)
  • Engage value chain partners in GHG management (Collaborate)
  • Enhance stakeholder information and corporate reputation through public reporting (Report)
  • Systematically develop and monitor strategy and quantify results (Reduce)

[i] Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Accounting and Reporting Standard

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