Natural Capital Management System (NCMS)

Climate Change Risk Management (CCRM)
Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM)
NCMS is built for companies that understand how critical access to and preservation of natural resources is to their business.

They want to better understand their resource dependencies as well as know the likely location of the impact. They want to communicate about environmental impacts by using easy to recognize common monetary units.


  1. An environmental profit and loss statement that shows actual spend as well as the value of the externalized natural resources upon which the company depends.
  2. A model that includes natural capital costs in dollars of environmental impacts by country of origin.
  3. Provides visibility into the dollar value of environmental impacts by tier in your supply chain.


  1. Make informed tradeoffs between environmental impacts such as water consumption, greenhouse gases, and land use change based on the financial valuation of each.
  2. Create a baseline from which to work towards decoupling natural resource consumption and economic growth.
  3. Distinguish yourself as a leader committed to the preservation and management of natural resources.

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