Climate Change Risk Management (CCRM)

Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM)
Natural Capital Management System
Climate Change Risk Management (CCRM) is designed for companies that are concerned that extreme weather events deep in the supply network will disrupt their supplier network, halt business operations, and cost millions of dollars in lost production and sales.

They fear major losses due to suppliers’ inadequately understanding and preparing for climate change events. They lack visibility into the structure of their supply network and therefore have little or no control. Customers of CCRM recognize that visibility into the complex interplay of tier, country, and supplier industry provides the foundation needed to manage the risks.


  1. Provides a customized model of tier, supplier industry, and a risk profile by country and commodity.
  2. Establishes a baseline climate change risk database to support the on-going management of climate change risk.
  3. Delivers dashboards and analytics to identify risks and opportunities.


  1. Reveal climate risks that are hidden deep in the tiers of your supply chain.
  2. Prepare for a supply chain adaptation and resilience strategy to reduce your company’s exposure to costly business disruptions.
  3. Respond to the growing demand for public disclosure of climate change risk in the supply chain.

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Our partner, Four Twenty Seven, is a climate consultancy based in the San Francisco Bay Area, who provides integrated climate risk management solutions to help businesses understand how climate change will impact their value chain, map and quantify risks and opportunities, and develop a climate resilient strategy.