EPD Standard

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EPD Standard is best suited for an organization looking to develop an EPD quickly for one to several products.

EPD Standard is a simple way to meet a supplier performance request, create a competitive bid when EPDs are requested or preferred, or to differentiate a product through environmental performance. Climate Earth will help you through the entire process to make it quick and painless.


  • A single EPD covering 1-30 products per plant branded with your company logo and color scheme
  • A verified life cycle assessment report that provides all the detail and background of the life cycle assessment

Approximate time required: 60-90 days
Verification: An additional 2-3 week process


For your selected products:

  • Meet clients’ and stakeholders’ demands for product transparency
  • Quickly and easily respond to bids requiring EPDs
  • Communicate with confidence about the environmental performance of key products
  • Gain clear perspective on the environmental performance of key products

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