Instant On-demand EPDs

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Instant On-demand EPDs

An industry first, Instant On-Demand EPDs is the only EPD solution designed to effectively respond to the ready mix industry’s continuous innovation and creation of new mix designs.  Instant On-demand EPDs enable concrete producers to design new mixes to meet requirements for any job, then instantly generate a fully verified mix specific EPD from a web browser or from Command QC.   A one-time set-up fee and an annual subscription provides unlimited EPDs at a fraction of the cost of traditional EPDs.


  • Verified EPDs for all selected products produced from any or all selected plants
  • An online, self-service tool to create unlimited new verified EPDs for any new product
  • An annual database update including new suppliers, new transportation modes, and energy and water consumed for every plant
  • A complete and fully verified life cycle assessment report with detailed information on the environmental impacts of your entire operation
  • A database that can be extended to support new environmental management applications

Approximate time required: 90-120 days
Verification: An additional 2-3 week process


    • Exceed clients’ and stakeholders’ demands for greater product transparency
    • Respond immediately to EPD requests for any project
    • Communicate with confidence about the environmental performance for all selected products
    • Incorporate EPDs into business operations at the lowest cost

Climate Earth helped us achieve two major initiatives. We were first in the industry to offer environmental product declarations (EPD) to our customers, and now we are first in our industry to integrate EPD data into COMMAND ALKON, a core business system, furthering our company-wide commitment to sustainable construction.

JEFF L. DAVIS – Vice President and General Manager, Central Concrete Supply Co., Inc.

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