Thomas Concrete, Now Live with Instant On-demand EPDs

Thomas Concrete can now generate a fully verified mix specific EPD in seconds from a web browser for any new mix  produced at any of twelve plants.  ASTM has completed the system level verification for the initial 360 concrete mix designs from twelve plants.   The company has extended it leadership in environmental design and can now more effectively compete for LEED v4.0 jobs by designing mixes that meet all job requirements and instantly generating verified bid ready EPDs for all mixes submitted.

Thomas produces concrete in 60 plants in Georgia, South- and North Carolina.

New EPDs are verified in real time and instantly posted to ASTM here.


Climate Earth Now offers Instant On-demand EPDs for Smartphone

 Oct 3, 2017,  Climate Earth has just delivered the industry’s first Smartphone Instant EPD generator. The Smartphone EPD generator creates a new EPD in seconds replacing a lengthy and costly consulting process that produces a static document. It is available for ready mix concrete and block manufacturers.

EPDs are an international standard label to communicate the environmental performance of a product or system. The US Green Building Council LEED v4.0 Standard now requires EPDs for products that wish to qualify toward the green rating of a building.

Smartphone Instant EPD is a free add-on to Climate Earth’s existing Instant On-demand EPD generator.  Smartphone Instant EPD was designed to assist ready mix producers to more effectively work with clients, engineers, architects or owners in the field, during pre-construction meetings, or on the job in collaborative design-build projects.  The full announcement is available here and more information on the full Climate Earth EPD family of products is available here.


New Report Highlights Importance of Embodied Carbon in Construction

The report highlights that up to 20% of GHG emissions are embodied in
the construction sector making embodied carbon in construction a critical but often ignored part of GHG emissions strategy.
Focusing on embodied carbon of materials has high impact NOW and is critical to meeting national and/or international GHG emissions reductions. The traditional focus on building energy efficiency accrues large savings over a 50-80 year life but ignores the time value and criticality of immediate reductions possible with a focus on embodied carbon. The full report is here

Climate Earth Brings Instant On-demand EPDs to Oregon Concrete EPD program

Instant On-Demand EPDs available for up to 70% Discount

Berkeley, CA – September 26, 2017 –Climate Earth today announced that the company is bringing Instant On-demand EPDs to the Oregon Concrete EPD Program.

The Instant On-demand EPD generator was created for producers that regularly design new mixes to meet specific job requirements, especially LEED v4.0 projects. The system enables producers to instantly create verified product specific EPDs for any new mix anytime.

Climate Earth pricing combined with the Oregon EPD rebate program means that the cost to produce instant EPDs, before verification is reduced by up to 95% and with verification up to 70% for an 8-plant operation, based on the Oregon EPD program rebating up to $2,500 per plant.

Read the entire release here: Oregon EPD Release.9.26.17


Concrete Supply of NC, Now Live with Instant On-demand EPDs


Concrete Supply Co. can generate EPDs on-demand from each of its eight plants using the Climate Earth tool

NRMCA has completed the system level verification for the initial  209 concrete mix designs from eight plants.  Concrete Supply can now generate a fully verified mix specific EPD in seconds from a web browser for any new mix design produced at any of the eight selected plants. The company can now more effectively compete for LEED v4.0  jobs by designing mixes that meet all job requirements and then generating bid ready EPDs for all mixes submitted.
Read more about the NRMCA verification process and download EPDs here.


Revitaliza and Climate Earth Announce Strategic Partnership to Bring Instant On-Demand EPDs to Mexico and Latin America

Partnership to initially serve the Ready Mixed and Concrete Block Industries

Berkeley – July 28, 2017 – Revitaliza Consultores and Climate Earth today announced a strategic partnership to jointly deliver Instant On-demand Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to the ready mixed and concrete block industries in Mexico and Latin America.

Instant On-Demand EPDs enable concrete producers to be highly innovative and responsive to demand for greener mix designs and to easily and cost effectively produce verified EPDs that immediately qualify for LEED points.

‘We immediately recognized the value of instant on demand EPDs for our clients and are delighted to be working with Climate Earth to better serve concrete producers in our markets.  Instant On-demand EPDs are a natural extension of our consulting capabilities and we look forward to helping clients rapidly deploy the Climate Earth instant EPD capabilities.” said Alicia Silva Villanueva, Founder and General Manager, Revitaliza.

Download the announcement here

Climate Earth publishes updated methodology that makes developing and managing your sustainable supply chain strategy faster and easier


Sustainable Supply Chain Management- System and Methodology Overview


Climate Earth introduced its first system for sustainable supply chain management in 2009. The system was used successfully in the 2011 Road-Test of the Value Chain Protocol[i] and has been evolving ever since.  This paper describes our current methodology and system.   Guiding principles for the methodology center around proven business process management techniques and effective support for the business goals of the Value Chain Protocol. The protocol defines those goals to be:

  • Identify and understand risks and opportunities associated with value chain emissions (Understand)
  • Identify GHG reduction opportunities, set reduction targets, and track performance (Target)
  • Engage value chain partners in GHG management (Collaborate)
  • Enhance stakeholder information and corporate reputation through public reporting (Report)
  • Systematically develop and monitor strategy and quantify results (Reduce)

[i] Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Accounting and Reporting Standard

Download the whitepaper

For more information: Contact Chris Erickson at, call 415-391-2725 or go to

NRMCA Introduces System Level EPD Program to Help Concrete Producers’ Green Building Efforts

NRMCA verifies Climate Earth’s Enterprise EPD system on behalf of Martin Marietta

Silver Spring, MD – November 14, 2016 – The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) has introduced a new system level Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) verification program to help its members meet new product transparency credits in LEED v4 and other green building standards. The new program meets strict international standards for EPD verification, but streamlines the process to verify EPDs more efficiently. Rather than verify a fixed set of product specific EPDs, the program verifies the software program used to generate environmental impacts of a specific concrete product (mix). This enables a producer to generate new product specific EPDs as needed for each project. NRMCA introduced the program in recognition of growing demand and increasing emphasis on corporate and product transparency in the green building marketplace.

NRMCA member Martin Marietta is the first concrete producer to verify EPDs using the new system level EPD verification procedure. It used an enterprise software tool developed by Climate Earth to generate EPDs that cover 50 concrete mixes produced at six plants in the Rocky Mountain region of the U.S. The software and underlying life cycle data for each plant was reviewed and verified by Sustainable Solutions Corporation, a verifier in NRMCA’s EPD program. From this point forward, Martin Marietta can generate EPDs on-demand from each of its six plants using the Climate Earth tool. The verification process and background data is checked periodically to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Read the whole story here:

Implementing a system verification program for EPDs once again demonstrates that the ready mixed concrete industry is a leader in the transparency movement. NRMCA was one of the first industry groups to launch an EPD program in the U.S.; one of the first to generate an industry-wide EPD and now is one of the first to develop a system level EPD verification procedure.

“Concrete producers lead the way with over 2,400 products verified in NRMCA’s EPD program,” said NRMCA President Robert Garbini. “We’re proud to be able to offer this new system verification program, making the process of developing EPDs more efficient for our members.”

Stoneway Concrete Implements EPD On-Demand

Partners with Climate Earth to generate environmental product declarations instantly for any mix

Recognizing the growth in the green building market and to further strengthen the company commitment to environmental stewardship, Stoneway Concrete is the first producer in  the Northwest to implement Climate Earth’s EPD generator.  The system offers the capability to log on to a secure website and instantly generate an environmental product declaration (EPD) for any new or existing mix. stoneway-uiClimate Earth implemented software technology that enables the ‘on-demand’ generation of a verified EPD for any mix. The system was verified under the Earthsure program at the Institute for Environmental Research and Education (IERE).  In addition to maximizing LEED points for green building projects, the technology enables Stoneway to collaborate with customers to design new mixes simultaneously evaluating environmental performance and traditional performance characteristics such as compressive strength and slump.

EPDs are posted on the IERE site:

Commenting on the technology, Greg McKinnon, Operations Manager at Stoneway stated, “Implementing EPD automation technology is very cost effective and consistent with our long stated objective of providing our customers with the best possible mix designs for any job while always considering the environmental performance of our products.  This on-demand software based approach to EPDs from Climate Earth also ensures that our environmental measures and our EPDs will always be current and up to date.  As we implement new processes, and incorporate new materials, the environmental improvements will be captured in the Climate Earth database and reflected in our EPDs.”

“Our strategic focus is to lower the cost of EPDs and help make the growing demand for product transparency easy for our customers to achieve.  Working with leading organizations like Stoneway is a big step forward in achieving these two objectives” said Chris Erickson, CEO of Climate Earth.

About Stoneway:  Stoneway Concrete is a locally owned supplier of ready mix concrete, sand & gravel located in the Seattle, Washington area.  The company has been in business since 1928. For more information contact Greg McKinnon, Operations Manager at (425) 226-1000 or at

About IERE: IERE (the Institute for Environmental Research and Education) is a non-profit with a mission to undertake and disseminate comprehensive, fact-based research for use in the development of responsible environmental policy, programs and decisions. Through its Earthsure program, IERE was the first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Program Operator in the Americas and it remains the only environmental non-governmental organization that is a program operator.

More information is available at

About Climate Earth: Climate Earth combines software and big data analytics with the science of life cycle assessment, to create cost effective solutions to help manage environmental impacts. Applications focus on the supply chain and product portfolio. EPD Enterprise, our scalable, on-demand EPD generator is available with a setup fee and a subscription service.

For more information: Contact Chris Erickson at, call 415-391-2725 or go to

Merck relies on Climate Earth for Supply Chain Scope 3 Footprint

Merck and Co. one of the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies relies on Climate Earth technology to calculate the greenhouse gas footprint of purchased goods and services, capital good acquisition, employee commute, business travel and upstream transportation and distribution. The analysis is performed annually and results reported to CDP since 2014.

For more detailed information the Merck report is available here.

Merck Scope 3 reporting summary