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Climate Earth is an advocate for technology that derives environmental insights to make informed decisions quicker, faster and better.

We are data experts with a passion to help companies achieve their business goals and sustainability initiatives. Our team is comprised of database architects, environmental scientists, LCA practitioners and software coders that specialize in modeling, calculating, managing, visualizing and reporting environmental impact data, so you don’t have to.


We meet your needs, whether corporate sustainability means complying with stakeholder demands, transforming business strategy, or finding new markets, Climate Earth’s applications are built to support your current needs, while cost effectively and efficiently building on each other, to meet your future needs as well.


Business management is a very active cyclical process that includes strategic planning, setting key performance measures (KPM), managing resources, and deploying the human and financial assets needed to achieve objectives, and measure results. All Climate Earth applications are designed to integrate with and act in support of such an active management process.


Climate Earth applications incorporate very large data sets and organize that data into manageable structures for analysis and reporting. To maximize the value and usability of this data, Climate Earth applications are all securely accessed from anywhere through a web browser, and the data is presented using visualizations designed to help users quickly gain insight. In addition, subsets of the database can be downloaded to personal productivity applications such as Excel and incorporated into desktop applications such as email and word processing.


Every Climate Earth application, (EPDs, Sustainable Supply Chain, Climate Change Risk and Natural Capital Management) is built on robust database technology that establishes a platform for on-going management and long term reuse of the data.

  • Environmental impact

    Environmental impact linked to spend

    Business survival and growth depends on managing monetary costs. Managing and internal reporting of environmental impacts separate from monetary costs need not be a challenge any longer. All supply chain, natural capital, and risk management applications link environmental impact to financial spend.

  • Results

    Results reported along organizational lines

    Operating managers (ie heads of manufacturing, product development, marketing and sales) have responsibility for top line and bottom line growth. These individuals manage their organizations through dozens or hundreds of departments that use budgets as a means of setting goals, coordinating activities and measuring success. Climate Earth’s applications come standard with the ability to report environmental impacts along department lines, with all impacts linked to budgetary spend, so that managers can make smart business decisions with a simultaneous view of monetary costs and environmental impacts.

  • Connect

    Connect to core IT applications

    All critical business data exists in core IT applications. Therefore, we connect to these applications to eliminate the need for costly and error prone manual data entry and, in conjunction with our scalable database, it makes updates and periodic reporting very cost effective. We have been integrating with supply chain purchase ledgers, general ledgers and other critical IT applications since 2008. Defining the specific process with your company usually takes less than an hour and implementation is a routine part of your EPD, supply chain, natural capital or climate change risk application.